måndag, november 09, 2015

Oulu Comics Festival 2015

Hi there blog, I'm so sorry for neglecting you!

This weekend I was at the Oulu Comics Festival and received first price in the Oulu Comics Competition for my short comics Olle! What an honor!
I had a great time and would like to thank all of the awesome organizers, creators and other people who were there! Of course I also want to thank my wonderful girlfriend Julia and amazing father Ulf who came along with me.
Now it's back to drawing Prasselsork which I might have to write some more about in a future post.
Right now I'm also surprisingly excited about the Suicide Squad-movie after having read Suicide Squad - Trial by Fire. If any superhero movie should be as dark and gritty a DC's latest movies, it sure is this one. Also Captain Boomerang. In a movie.

onsdag, december 17, 2014

First and last

It's always exciting to see how much you've evolved as an artist over periods of time. Here's the first and probably the last comics page I've drawn this year.

fredag, november 07, 2014

lördag, september 13, 2014

Vampire Planet

Pitch time!
In the future, vampirekind is hunted to the brink of extinction, their only hope: the stars.
Hundreds of years later, humans have just disovered faster-than-light travel and stumbe upon: Vampire Planet! A world where vampires reign supreme and feed of the blood of cloned humans.
But as the space-dwelling undead reencounter their old frenemies, the age-old lust for the hunt re-emerges.
All this and more, in VAMPIRE PLANET!

torsdag, juni 26, 2014

Halima - teaser

I recently finished my second comic in the Intelligent Designs-series, it probably won't appear in print until Utopi #15 this fall, but here's a teaser in glorious swedish.

fredag, maj 16, 2014

SIS 2014 & The Network

This weekend it's the Stockholm International Comics Festival, I'll be selling my self-published comic (Nätverket) The Network.
In due time it will be available here digitally in english.